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Michael Liensberger

Editorial Journalist
Vienna, Austria
Michael Liensberger was born and raised in Bressanone / Italy. After the Matura he moved to Vienna to study. In the course of studies of history sciences, he specialized in media history, in a contemporary context. During his studies he completed several internships, including at the ORF Archive. From that point on, he realized that he wanted to be a historian in a media archive. In his opinion, there is no closer link and connection between storage, processing and reuse of media content in any other area. Here you can find the materials for stories which need to be told in many different ways. Since 2014 he has been working in the ORF Archive and since 2020 he has been holing the position of an Editorial Journalist. Since 2017 he also works as university lecturer and since 2018 he is part of the FIAT/IFTA comission "Value, Use & Copyright".