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Karl Fitzke

Cornell University
AV Specialist
Ithaca, NY
I manage Cornell Library Audio-Visual Preservation Lab space/gear, i.e. Technology, and perform digitization. This entails responsibility for workflows and procedures used in capturing program material from at-risk analog and digital media carriers in preparation for preservation and access. It is also configuration, regular maintenance, repair, and outsourcing of what I can't take care of myself. And built into it all is responsibility for quality assurance and control.

I'll be describing the larger organization that I work in and the importance of integration/communication among groups of people having various talents. The Cornell community comes to us for preservation/access of analog media as well as born digital. We recently expanded a bit, and some processes are where we want them to be, and some are still being improved.

Please come if you want to hear the kinds of things we are actively doing today, planning for later, and the hardware/software involved in project management and media capture. Its great to share here through IASA . We've gratefully borrowed from others in the past and are anxious to return the favor to the community.

If you don't find what you are interested in from this presentation, don't be a stranger. I'd be happy to get a conversation going and go to others in my organization to find out things if necessary. Someday I'll have more workflows to share, e.g. workstation configuration, equipment calibration and test, perhaps similar input from our user interface and cataloging/metadata folks. This time around however, I decided to detail the main body of everyday digitization in the time allotted, rather than having gone very broad and necessarily shallow.

More about me: Archival and live sound engineer since 2003. Digital electronics designer (board and chip levels) 20 years prior. Father, husband, guitar synth looper, intentional community resident and board member, enemy of corporate personhood. Avid reader, at least when I'm not feeling as overwhelmed with world-wide politics as I am now.