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Stefano Cavaglieri

Swiss National Sound Archives
Audio re-recording techniques, technology, quality Stefano Sergio Cavaglieri is the Chief Technology and Information Officer of the Swiss National Sound Archives, now a department of the Swiss National Library, in Lugano, Switzerland. His career started back in the late 70's in the audio engineering field. For several years, he was assigned to all kinds of audio productions, culminating his professional career with a series of world-class recordings and events. In the late 80’s, he broadened his interests to include computer science. Starting dealing with networking and systems management, he very soon gets involved in software design and all things digital storage. His expertise and analytical skills led him to be now recognized as one of the highest technical authorities in the multimedia archives community. In 2011, he was awarded the James A. Lindner prize for his contributions to research in the field of the technology of preservation of recorded sound. Stefano holds a degree both in electroacoustics and in computer science. He serves as an active member of the technical committees of AES (Audio Engineering Society), ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections), and IASA (International Association of Sound and Audio Visual Archives).
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