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Aude Julien-Da Cruz Lima

CNRS Research Center for Ethnomusicology
audio archives manager
France, Paris - Nanterre
Aude Julien Da Cruz Lima, audio archives manager in ethnomusicology, French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
CNRS engineer since 2009, Aude Julien Da Cruz Lima is in charge of the management and dissemination of the archives of the Research Center for Ethnomusicology (LESC UMR 7186 CNRS – Paris Nanterre University).
This fund, of great scientific and heritage value, consists of various types of documents dating from 1900 to the present, produced and/ or compiled since 1929 by specialized teams from the MNHN and CNRS. It mainly includes audio and video recordings (unpublished and published) music and oral traditions of the world, the documentation associated with these recordings (photo, text, transcription, etc.), institutional archives (administratives and scientifics) and a library.

Aude Julien Da Cruz Lima participated in the development of Telemeta, the collaborative web audio platform to access the CNRS-Musée de l’Homme audio archives, and in the Musica consortium (Huma-num international department), as well as in various Research or Heritage projects: ANR Diadems, Labex Pasts in the Present (Sources of Ethnomusicologie Project), Europeana Sounds.